miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

New paragraph

When I think about high school, I have both good memories and bad memories.
During high school the time is becoming fast. Now I´m older, I think about these days a lot. I remember things that I wish I hadn´t done or had done differently. I also remember things I did and would never change.
When I finished the high school I decided to study music but I thought that it was only college. You have to study the high school in music also, so I study for two only years.
I have only one regret about the time I spent in high school music:
I should have taken more advanced classes. For example: I had the opportunity to take an advanced classes of guitar and piano, studying scales and more methods to improve the way that I play, but I decided to take out because it was more time by finish. It was a good experience.
I made a decision, to take classes English because I wanted to have some more to study too hard.
Now I´m in college and have to take a beginning English class. I wish I´d studied harder in high school music!
I´m glad that I had an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. I was a member of the symphonic chorus. We practiced every Tuesday and Thursday and had events on final course.
Good and bad experiences are a part of everyone´s high school years. Is it possible to learn from these experiences? I think it is because even the bad ones help to prepare you for the future.

martes, 14 de abril de 2009

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

Learning ART

I started to play guitar, when i was only 9 years old, my father gave me the acoustic guitar. I always enjoyed that strange music of my father, like rock progressive; then i found the position of the notes in the guitar.

When i was 15 years old, i got my first electric guitar, it was awesome, i discovered new sounds,so I began to use my influence, is the way to improve my creativity. In this case it was metal! the new musical age of my youth.

As soon as i learned guitar lessons ; i studied in a high school music. I didn't know how to play the piano, but the teachers gave me piano lessons , it was interesting for me .

Now a days, i play the bass guitar with my band but i don't forget the guitar and piano lessons.
Is the way to survivor for me;sometimes I practice the piano because I don´t have one. But always I practice the electric guitar, is the first instrument that I learned to play. As I learned to play guitar,then I played the bass, is similar than the guitar but in this case you have only four chords, the sound is more low heavy and you play the main melody in order to the guitar can improve the passages.
We practiced on weekends and sometimes we play in others places of the country. We like to meet new peolpe and diferent places, by the way,for these months we get a tour in diferents dates. I hope so it will be fun je.